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June 12 2017

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Louder for the people in the back

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Skull and Bones

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I ain’t afraid of no goats.

I am suspicious of the pineapple though.

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I’ve never seen a more relatable post.

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Tips on Drawing Hands Tutorial

Hope this is helpful!



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Totally here for bi squids. (full article here)

I couldn’t resist


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Tatsuki & Yusu
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Can we go a day with no wypipo bullshit? 🙄🙄

No, please don’t call these people “fans.” They’re not fans, they’re racists who want to start shit. Real Star Trek fans have no issues with diversity. This is the SAME show that gave Nichelle Nichols the role of Uhura in an unprecedented show of social progress. This is the same show that featured one of the best, strongest female characters and captains of all time (Janeway), etc. Don’t call these ugly racists “fans,” because fans of Star Trek appreciate it almost ENTIRELY for its progressive imagining of a society with equality for all people, with a sense of community, with scientific progress, with a complete absence of capitalism, racism, and sexism. 

Call a spade a spade: these are ugly white racists who don’t know shit about Star Trek.

Like, I don’t wanna hear a SINGLE PEEP from these racist, nationalist douchebags about my perfect Socialist-Utopian-Future-Humanity-With-Equality-For-All show.

They can SIT THE FUCK DOWN! Y’all ugly racists ruined this nation, but y’all ain’t fucking ruining Star Trek too!


Deep Space Nine starred a black man, a black child, a brown man, a bunch of aliens, and exactly one white man.

Voyager starred two white women, a native man, an Asian man, a half-Latina woman, some aliens, a hologram, and exactly one white man.

This was over 20 years ago. What franchise have they been watching?


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My husband must think I’m a super nerd.

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